My New York Diary - Julie Doucet

Canadian artist, Doucet, recounts her time in The Big Apple. I know I'm suppose to be impressed with the brutal honesty of this autobiography (she's a promiscuous junkie with a

plethora of foibles), yet I find I need more to capture my interest. Perhaps I was turned off by

her writing-in-a-second-language grammatical errors (not that I've ever mastered my mother

tongue), tales of how the comic community all loves her, a relationship she's too nice to end even

if it's holding her back, or simply because her map of Manhattan places Penn Station on the east

side. Her unique artwork, which is detailed oriented and expressive, annoys me as it makes

everyone look like a bobble head. Regardless of my lack of interest in this piece, it is extremely

disappointing to hear that she has given up on writing graphic novels. This industry needs as much

diversity as possible whether it suits my tastes or not.