Black and White - Gregory Charles

Charles divides his show into two parts: in the first he explains how he's a Canadian product of an interracial marriage who grew up in a house filled with music and the second half is dedicated to allowing the audience to try and stump him and his band with musical requests. Charles provides an entertaining account of his childhood, seamlessly integrates comments on the history of American song, and explodes into a powerful repertoire of the same. After a break, he picks songs from a box filled with audience suggestions and--without revealing the name--attempts to perform the songs and have his band jump in and join him. Although the latter half was partially fixed (email me and I'll tell you how), the show was very enjoyable and the audience was enraptured. Charles is very popular in French speaking Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (both television and radio) were eager to hear how I, and my fellow New Yorkers, felt his American tour would be received. I hope he receives as enthusiastically as he gives.