The Most Wonderful Love – Matthew Freeman

Alexa Antopol took me to this dark comedy written by and staring several of her college friends. The characters and plot all revolve around the idea of marriage: a husband who’s married to work, a rebellious daughter who hates the very concept of family, another, fundamentalist, daughter with a mysterious terminal illness who can’t abide by divorce, a rather inappropriate priest who would be better off not trying to help anyone, a group of polygamists, a crippled relative, and a wife who is devoted the being the best wife she can be. There are many uproarious scenes, fine acting and zany characters, yet the play, as a play, lacks a true driving force. I commend the cast and crew for their steadfastness as the last twenty minutes or so of the performance was completed in sweltering heat by the light of emergency exit signs as we blew the power on the entire floor.