MoCCA Art Festival 2006

This past weekend I attended the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Art Festival and had a great time chatting with creators and spending lots of money on comix, zines and some original artwork. I could have easily spent several hundred dollars, but I only brought about one-hundred dollars with me, so I had to be selective. Had I known how much there was to take in, I would have gone both days. Next year I will be prepared. There were three large rooms filled with so much talent, books, stickers, pins, patches, posters, prints and other great things. I managed to establish myself as a minion of Bill Roundy almost immediately (an honor bestowed not just on anyone).

In attendence were many indy greats and many up and comers: Evan Dorkin, Andy MacDonald, Dean Haspiel, Jim Salicrup, Abby Denson, Ivan Brandon, Fly, the infamous Bill Roundy and many more.

Some reviews of the wares I bought will be forthcoming.

My advice to you. Save your money. Be prepared. If you have your own comix, bring them to sell or trade. Many other people are "trade friendly," sometimes indicated by a button with a big "T" on it. Go both days next year. It will be worth it. Whether you're just a fan or a creator trying to break in or promote yourself, this is a great avenue into the Indy world.