The Colbert Report

Steven Colbert makes a hilarious mockery of right-wing talk shows and their egotistical hosts in his over the top satire that actually is more informative than most news segments.

The above was my original short post. It's been years since the show began and my post was written. And now, after almost a decade, the show comes to a close as Colbert goes on to take over for David Letterman. I remember even longer ago with original host of the Daily Show left for prime time television. Do you remember who that is? Nope, but the Daily Show is still running strong. I'm not suggesting that Colbert will fail in his new role, I'm simply pointing out that I'm not interested in it. Colbert did a great thing: he made fun of the lunacy of the far right of politics, he gave money to charity, he brought awareness (that he did it in a self-serving fashion, so be it). Now that will be gone. And what will replace it? Another pointless, bland, apolitical comedy talk show. Why bother?