Sin City

Dark, gritty, over-the-top, and often hilarious, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez use much of Miller's Sin City series for this film noir. I can think of no other movie that so carefully follows its comic book origin (for that we thank Miller's stubbornness), although there were many changes and deletions that reminded me that an author often does not recognize the meanings behind his own creations. There were certainly many nice additions: the interwoven story arch and the use of eye color in addition to the black, white, and occasional red (there may have been plans to illuminate each character's eyes as I noticed the lines of contact irritation even on actors who were not given the lustrous effect). I was painfully disappointed with several of the actresses' portrayals as, presumably feeling that their inflated dialogue could never be delivered with justice, they seemingly decided to begrudgingly read their lines off cue cards (yes, Brittany Murphy and Rosario Dawson, I mean you). In the end, I am reminded that what may (or may not) work on a comic page, where the eye may linger and the mind may animate, does not always translate to the realm of film.