Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl – Cooties – Roman Dirge

I used to think the Dirge was just trying to emulate the works of Jhonen Vasquez, but he has developed beyond that. The zombie girl, Lenore (think Poe), goes on “adventures” with a silly—in an undead way—cast of cutie critters. This collection is the first with an extended storyline and actually enters the realm of color. Neither is a vast improvement for the title as I was sold on Dirge’s play with nursery rhymes, and gothic, even comedic gothic, works best in black and white, but the longer tales do make for more engaging reading. He also adds a smattering of “Things Involving Me” which has an egocentric/self-deprecating quality reminiscent of my own “Why My Life Sucks” and thus very appealing.