Random Comic Reviews 3/9/06: Monster Mash

This time out it's a couple more gems I picked up through Sequential Swap. First up is Boneyard vol.1 with story and art by Richard Moore. Michael Paris has inherited a plot of land that turns out to be a graveyard. His first instinct is to gid rid of it, until he finds that it's occupied by a gaggle of goofy ghoulies who turn out to be a whole lot less hostile than the townspeople who want the graveyard destroyed. While not deep, Boneyard is a fun read with clean and cute artwork. And even better, you get a complete story in the first volume (although I imagine that later volumes are worth looking into). My only real gripe is that, while it's great to see the artwork at full size, this oversize book is a real monster to store.

Next is Tales of Supernatural Law written and drawn by Batton Lash. Wolff and Byrd are not your run-of-the-mill attorneys. They represent well-known clients like Dracula and Frankenstein. And you'd be surprised at the kinds of trouble that ghosties, ghoulies, and long-legged beasties get into: really scary stuff like copyright infringement and union busting. Lash has a lot of fun with the standard horror tropes--but oh, those terrible puns are almost too much to bear. Likewise, Lash has a real feel for the old 60s horror comics. While his artwork is blotchy in places, overall his style evokes the 9-panel grid and straightforward storytelling of Ditko and his contemporaries. The stories themselves are short, but he maintains a continuity between them, and he even manages to flesh out his characters (those that still have flesh). Combining law and horror is a pretty odd subgenre, but Woff and Byrd make it fun.