Quick Comic Reviews 1/21/06: Sex and Politics

Ex Machina #17: Vaughn turns in another interesting story as Mayor Hundred ponders his response on the eve of the Iraq invasion. Beautiful art once again by Harris. It's not clear if Ex Machina is actually going somewhere or if it's just a vehicle to comment on events over the last few years. In either case, it's enjoyable, if somewhat frustrating that Mayor Hundred is so middle of the road. Marlene: Peter Snejbjerg writes and draws a tale of mystery and horror. Detective Joergendsen must find a killer even as he is distracted by the beautiful woman who is strangley involved in the case. The story is a bit too mystical for my interests, but Snejbjerg's black and white art is lavish and sexy. Well worth a look. But oh those Danish names will drive you mad!