Quick Comic Reviews 1/05/06: the Slott Machine

What do the Thing and the She-Hulk have in common? Other than both being big, strong, and stupid looking, they are both written by Dan Slott. And he seems to have made all the difference. I’d heard for months that each of these titles were worth looking into, so I plunked down my $6 for a looksee. And other than the idea of paying $6 for two comic books (I remember when they were 25 cents), this was an eminently correct decision. Dan Slott has taken two characters that I have always found tiresome and trite, and he's made them fun. Yes, fun! Remember when comics were fun? DC doesn’t need an Infinite Crisis to fix their books. They just need to hire Dan Slott. In Thing #1, we get the obligatory recap of the Thing’s origin, but thankfully, it is limited to one page before it’s clobbering time again. Here, the Thing has recently come into some major money, and we get to see how it’s changed him. While the Thing still thinks of himself the same way, none of the other heroes can relate to him like they used to. It’s a great window into celebrity and how the Thing affects the Marvel U around him. With cameos by just about everyone, this issue is full of heart without ever taking itself too seriously. She-Hulk #3 is ostensibly the 100th issue of the She-Hulk if you count all the incarnations of her book. She’s on trial for manipulating the timestream, and she must defend her life or be removed from existence. With character witnesses from across the Marvel U, we get a look into what makes Shulkie different from all the other green females who can lift 10 tons. Good tongue in cheek drama that pokes fun of all the time manipulating that goes on in the Marvel books. And by the end, even I didn't want her wiped from existence. Quite a feat!

No deep dark brooding, no blood, no death, no mutants; and did I mention “fun”? I suspect that both of these books will be cancelled soon.