Random Comic Reviews 12/15

Some comics I read recently:

Firestorm #20: I keep picking these up, because there continues to be just enough to keep me interested. Jason (the new Firestorm) is slowly gaining some confidence in his powers even as he merges with his best friend--who then spends the entire book looking at Starfire's chest. It's lowbrow, but it's exactly what would happen if your best friend could speak to you telepathically. I'm a little tired of all the Infinite Crisis tie-ins with this title, but Jolly does manage to tell a complete story in each issue, regardless. This one involves Firestorm and Animal Man trying to save the sacred Hawk from Hawkworld. It's pretty lame, but made up for by the fact that Jolly has a good take on Buddy "Animal Man" Baker. This issue would be worth it to me if for no other reason than both Animal Man and Firestorm (you know, two people who probably know something about biology and science) completely dis Intelligent Design. My heroes!
Infinite Crisis #2: I'm not really sure what the point of Infinite Crisis is (other than to sell lots of comics). It seems like someone decided that DC Comics had gotten too "dark" so they decided to make them fun again by...killing everyone and blowing everything up? Uh, wouldn't it have been easier just to start writing stories that were fun. Yes, yes, but not nearly as profitable. Okay, with that in mind, IC #2 finally starts to let you in on what's going on (like #1 should have done). And, if you've been around the DCU for at least 20 years (like me) it's kinda cool. Remember the last Crisis? Well, that one didn't sew up all the inconsistencies in the old DCUs as nicely as we hoped. But you knew that. What you didn't know was that the wrong DCU got saved. That's right: we picked the evil twin! So now the former denizens of the multiverse are coming back to set things right: with lots of explosions and death! Fun, but only if you're a complete fanboy.