Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush

Hightower, Jim. Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush. New York: Viking Penguin, 2004. I’ve always been a fan of Jim Hightower. From his former radio show to his 2-minute radio spots to his books and speeches, Hightower has shown that he knows how to rumble. While his good ole boy Texas populism sometimes seems a little forced, the content of his message is always spot on. In Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush, Hightower enumerates the reasons why the Bush administration is good for America (well, good if you happen to be in the top 1% economic bracket). Point by excruciating point, Let’s Stop shows how eroding our economy, our safety, and our liberties has made the very rich into the very very rich. Let’s Stop is not Hightower’s best book (see If the Gods Wanted Us to Vote for that). It’s a bit unfocused at times, and it has some annoying editorial interjections, but it does name names while illuminating the rampant network of corporate and government cronyism.