Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon

Larry Young's AiT: Live from the Moon is the collision of three or four stories, none of which really survive the impact. Essentially, a multi-billionaire tycoon has laid claim to the moon (for reasons that are still unclear), and the reporters covering the story wind up (get this) becoming the story. Oh, and madcap hilarity ensues. This is the 3rd book I've read by Young, and his weakness seems to be that he has so many ideas that he just doesn't have time to develop any of them. Live has been called "a summer blockbuster" of comics. But like so many summer flicks, this one feels like thirty different people had their hand in the script. Whole scenes are developed just to set up a (weak and pointless) punchline. Here's a thought: how about using that space instead to develop a character, create a motivation larger than a prat fall, or (I don't know) fill a plot hole? Art-wise Matt Smith isn't bad, but his Mignola-like style doesn't really fit with the sci-fi genre. Moreover, he failed to finish the book, and so the last chapter is completed by understudy Mike Adelard. I wanted to like Live, really I did. But come on. This crap may play in Hollywood, but let's do better with comics.