Virgin de Guadalu-Bea

Bea's birthday was this weekend. I wanted to get some wedding cake practicein before I did my niece's wedding cake for Labor Day weekend.

Chris created a stencil for the centerpiece that I then used to cut out and make an impression so I could paint the fondant (icing in playdough form) using all these really cool non-toxic dusts in golds and blue and green. This cake took me 2 days - from lemon curd to orange buttermilk cake to lemon mousse filling to lemon merengue buttercream icing to decorating. Chris also added the cool red flames with white highlights. Oh and no, I didn't do the roses. I bought those.

As a result of the entire experience, I un-volunteered to make my niece's cake. This represents 1/3 of the work involved in making the full wedding cake. And my sister doesn't have a standing mixer.

Still fun though - in a masochistic kind of way. And I have 2 more cakes to do this weekend for Chet & Erin's wedding shower. Another of these (in the round) and I promised an apricot-almond number too. Oy.