Something Positive ? R. K. Milholland

The first cartoon I remember from this on-line strip is the one where the main character/stand in for the author, Davan, sends an ex-girlfriend a baby shower gift of a wire coat hanger. This should tell you all you need to know about this comic. Just in case it isn't, it's about a group of artistic, misanthropic, alcoholics in Boston who take great pleasure--and go to great pains--to torment friends and foes alike. I really enjoy the self-deprecating characters in this foul-mouthed strip. And I'm not alone. You can tell that success has hurt the comic somewhat, however, as too many characters who were either heinously stupid, pathetic losers, or complete jerks have been turned into the likeable but misunderstood sort. I still read and like it; I just liked the grittier days better.