Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling

A hero is only as great as his foe. Can't remember where I heard this recently...Troy, perhaps? While this book is certainly entertaining, I just get the feeling I got in the 2nd part of The Lord of the Rings (or in Last of the Mohicans) where they just run and run and run, fight a battle, deal with love and loss, and then run some more. There is no running in this book per se but we have not reached the final, exciting conclusion - not even the climax or denouement. Six books later and we're still in the rising action part. Am I going to have to wait another year or two till the next one? This is the same reason serial comics don't work for me. Gimme the trade paperback so I can read the tale in one sitting from beginning to end. That would make me happier. I should have just waited till the entire series was completed before starting. That being said, it was a fun read and I'm still reeling a little from what happens in this story.