Rain Fall; Hard Rain; Rain Storm - Barry Eisler

Martial arts/assassin/action flick in book form. Kinda ""La Femme Nikita"" with Asia as the dominant backdrop. These are the first three books about John Rain (Fujiwara Junichi) a half Japanese/half American assassin with angst. He doesn't fit in - in Japan, in America or in normal society. He loves jazz, fine scotch, and Kodokan judo. He's really good at his job but doesn't particularly like it. He has a hard time reconciling it - and the precautions he has to take - with his desire to have a ""normal"" life. (Other than the whole killing thing, he's more normal than he thinks.) Supporting characters in each book are also fairly well developed. Each book is quite entertaining. Looking forward to the 4th (Killing Rain) when it comes out in paperback.