Sebastian O

So often with Grant Morrison's tales, one gets the feeling that his head is exploding with so many ideas that he simply doesn't have time to flesh them all out. Sebastian O is a case in point. Sebastian is a dandy whose high intelligence and high disdain for the social norms of the 19th Century (albeit a futuristic 19th Century) have put him at odds with the British law and a would-be conquerer of Britain. It's all quite smashing really, and Sebastian has ever so witty dialogue and such charming acquaintances that it's a shame that it's over before it's truly begun. It's like the stillborn love child of Oscar Wilde and James Bond. Perhaps DC was unwilling to risk too much on the adventures of a filthy fop (filthy in demeanor, not in dress, my dear); but as Sebastian himself might say: if you're to do a thing, do it well or not at all. Steve Yeowell's thin linework is perhaps appropriate to Sebastian's effeminate sensibilities, but I've never been a fan, and this all-too-short adventure did nothing to change that. Sebastian O was a lovely idea; now if only they had done something with it.