Loki - Robert Rodi

Rodi provides a magnificent deconstruction of the villainous Norse god Loki. Set in a beautifully rendered (thanks to artist Esad Ribic) future/past where Loki has just vanquished the kingdom of Asgard, the would-be tyrant's rejoicing is impinged by the constant banal demands of government. Loki confronts his subjugated foes, insisting they recognize the cruelty they inflicted on him (charges that his flashbacks confirm), only to be, in turn, confronted with the harsh epiphany that--god and ruler though he is--Loki is merely a preconceived construct to better highlight the glory of his idyllic, older, thunder-god step-brother, Thor. Loki's realization that he and Thor have an anima/animus, yin/yang relationship is nothing compared to the discovery that fate has trapped the god of mischief in a web that even the great trickster is helpless to escape.