Terminal City

Dean Motter's Terminal City gives us the world of the future as envisioned by someone from the 1950's. It is clash of retro and neveau, a city crazy enough to be considered another actor in a story full of crazy characters. Dreamers, damsels, gunsels, schemers, and washed up wannabes all cross paths while chasing their personal mcguffins through the streets and skies of Terminal City. Michael Lark's artwork evokes Motter's other famous city, Somnambulos (home of Mister X), while managing to avoid the oppressive clausterphobia of that town. Here, the sleepwalkers only walk up the sides of buildings, they don't throw themselves off; and that lightheartedness permeates the plot and keeps the seedier elements from becoming too dark. Like an old movie on a Sunday afternoon, Terminal City is an enjoyable read if not a overly memorable one.