Dude, Where's My Country?

Moore, Michael. Dude, Where's My Country? New York: Warner Books, 2003. The right wing gives Michael Moore a lot of flak; and the left wing barely seems to claim him. But he musters on anyway. And someone is buying his books. There's a reason: they are readable and straighforward, whether or not you agree with everything he says. I, too, have my quibbles with his positions, but overall his points are worth hearing. Anyone can skewer Bush, but Moore points out how the mainstream American position is much less pro-Bush than you'd think, and in many respects, it's downright "librul." The trick is to start demanding that our government enact what we believe in, rather than letting them dictate. Dude is already a bit dated (it was geared toward Election 2004 voters), but many of it's messages are still worth hearing.