Final Night

Final Night is the story of yet another major crisis that the DC Superheroes must face. This time some big black blob is eating the sun and cutting off all light and heat from the earth. The heroes race against time to save the planet from freezing darkness and chaos. And yet, the whole story is very low-key for an end-of-the-world scenario; there just isn't much to get excited about. Some of the story doesn't even make sense. Obviously, you have to suspend some disbelief when dealing with a world where men fly and stop bullets with their chest, but the science seems pretty shaky here, and the relatively ho-hum reaction of the earthlings is even stranger. But the heroes themselves act downright loopy: despite rioting in the streets of Gotham, Batman is busy in Paris protecting the Mona Lisa! (Priorities, people!) One high point is watching the bad guys chip in (hey, it's their earth, too): Lex Luthor gets to be almost respectable for awhile.  In the end, it's not a terrible story, just kind of a pointless one. I'm thinking the only reason this book saw print was that it (sorta) redeems Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan (he apparently went nuts awhile back). But surely DC could have found a better format than this snoozer for bringing back a major character.