Myth-ion Improbable - Robert Asprin

While this book was written between Sweet Myth-tery of Life and Something M.Y.T.H. Inc., it actually takes place much earlier (volume 3.5). After reading the disappointing pair mentioned, I excitedly indulged in Asprin's attempt to rekindle his passion for and understanding of his core characters and adventure scenarios. Apprentice magician Skeeve, his mentor Aahz, and the enticing Tananda are off dimension hopping in search of a fabled golden cow. Sounds like a true Myth Adventure to me. Unfortunately, the story isn't terrific and I was annoyed that Asprin picked another vampire dimension to sojourn in. It was nice to see the old gang back in action, but considering Asprin isn't even writing the series himself anymore, it may be time to stop reading them.