Knights of the Dinner Table - Jolly R. Blackburn

Gamers are notoriously nerdy and uninteresting to non-gamers. Therefore, a perfect recipe for success would be to couple poorly drawn gamers discussing trite and inane concepts. This comic should be bad but it''s great. "What the heck am I reading?" is all I can think as I devour the stories about a few groups of gamers and their struggles with unfair experience point divisions, surefire gaming shop business ideas, and the sanctity of one''s painted miniatures. Being a complete geek, I can embrace the insanity, but Knights should be avoided by those outside the loop. I''m torn on the magazine format. I like the idea of consolidating similar themes under one roof (similar to Too Much Coffee Man), yet I cannot help but feel forced into a larger, unwanted expense. I''m hoping for a simple collection of repeats.