Ruse: Enter the Detective – Mark Waid

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes had Batman's gadgets, if he lived in a world filled with magic, and if Dr. Watson was a gorgeous supernatural being. Than you might have the adventures of Simon Archard. Now imagine if the comic worked. The problem with Ruse is that it doesn't know what to do with itself. While it is beautiful to look at, it is great to have a strong female narrator, and the ideas are intriguing, the story should be part of the mystery genre, yet it can't escape the superhero world. The narrator, Emma Bishop, has supernatural powers that she cannot use (we don't know why and the whole idea is dropped after the first story arch), but never fails to remind us of mainstream comics rather than a Victorian setting. Simon's deductive method consists of the solution being obvious to him and him alone (It is akin to saying ""You want to play a game?"" ""Sure!"" ""Okay, I win.""), or the solution being obvious to all since there is only one guest character. Both Simon and Emma are mysterious characters, but so far the mystery is not gripping.