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Launch December 2001

Concept The "War on Terrorism" is scary for reasons beyond terrorists. War always presents an opportunity for our government to suspend civil liberties, and the present conflict is no exception. This one's been rattling in my brain for several months, and the latest news about military tribunals told me that it was time to put pen to paper.

Original Sketch This one started on the back of a scrap of paper...

 ...and led to the Internet to make some sketches of Ashcroft...


...but I should have spent more time on the cartoony version of Ashcroft, since it didn't wind up looking much like him.

Layout The layout was pretty straightforward, but I decided having Bush's hand and scissors in the air would be a little more dramatic. I have no idea whether the man is left handed (although his father is). I had also wanted the Constitution to be a little more obviously a piece of paper--for some reason it just doesn't look right to me. I'm also unhappy with how Ashcroft looks generally. Not only is the cartoon-look not right, but I wanted him to be a little more hidden (and hunchback-like) behind Bush. It also occurs to me that the image would be more striking if Ashcroft were pulling the start rope instead of just holding the chainsaw. Don't get me started about how stupid the chainsaw looks.

Lettering The word "Constitution" was originally written in script, but I found it difficult to read in the upside down position, so I wrote it more legibly on some white sticker paper and covered up the old script.

Overall I'm not sure if the joke is clear. It seems very simple and straightforward, but I'm concerned that it isn't. Or maybe I'm just worried that the 1st Amendment is no longer in effect.