Action News: Gary Condit

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Launch September 2001

Concept At one point, the news was full of fluff (and I suspect that it will be so again). For almost the whole summer, all we heard was either the philandering of Gary Condit or another sharkbite in a season that was in no way noteworthy for sharkbites other than that it was something for the media to talk about without needing much substance.

This seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

What People are Saying About More Action News

Brian sez:

This makes a good point quickly and cleanly, but I don't find it as compelling as the others. Or maybe it's just that it's less complex. Maybe I want more than one joke. Putting Condit and the shark together was a good idea. Maybe it could have more bite. Could his hand be used for something? Or his hair?