Action News

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Launch September 2001

Concept The media in general and the "news" in particular is a pet peeve of mine. While news was probably never what it should be, lately it seems to be scraping a new low. The news seems to be nothing more than one long commercial for corporations, in particular those that share media resources (Time Warner, Disney, Fox) with their other "products" (movies, TV shows, etc.). "News" now means "entertainment news."

Original Sketch

I wanted to make the newscasters as pretty as possible, since that is part of the modus operandi.

Overall I'm not sure if the news isn't it's own joke. How do you make fun of something so blatantly bad? That's why the hook at the end about the election. Anyone can say that the news is awful, but not enough people are talking about how it affects our world.

What People are Saying About Action News

Brian sez:

Nice breasts. Which channel do you watch? I thought the anchors' facial expressions of dismay at voter apathy were good. I didn't notice the dates at first, so I thought as I was reading that I probably didn't need quite that much fluff to get the point. But with the dates, it makes sense.