Meet the Bush Team: Ari Fleischer

ari fleischer 

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Launch Date August 2001

Background The response to the first "Meet the Bush Team" was so great that it was time for a sequel. Plus, I think that it's important to recognize that here is the man who is doing most of the talking for our President--apparently because he is familiar with our language.

Original Sketch I knew that I wanted this one to have the same "format" as the Donald Rumsfeld page, so the real work was in practicing with making a Fleischer caricature.


The lower image is closer to what he really looks like, but the other one makes a better cartoon image. The man does have large lips, so it only makes sense to emphasize that feature, especially since he talks for a living.

Layout I again went for a "simplified" image, but with elements that resonate with the earlier cartoon: the prominent hand, the Orwell reference, the head a little too large and covering part of the name, etc.

Inking As much as possible, I tried to use a brush for everything but the text on the press release, where I used a dip pen, and the circle around the right hand, where I used a circle template and a fine point.

Lettering Pretty much the same as the earlier endeavor.

Ultimately Every press secretary is gonna do the spin job for his boss. Heck, Clinton went through three or four of them. Still, hopefully this little manual will help you read between the lies (sic).