Q&A with W

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Launch Date August 2001

Original Sketch Another "back of the envelope" sketch. Orignally, Geroge was going to be in profile, but it's easier to get a simpleton look on his face with a 3/4 view. So I wound up turning the audience as well.


Inking Except for the lettering and a little touch up, I used a brush for everything. That's one of the reasons it looks a little sloppy. I cleaned up a few blotches with some white paint. For Geogre, I stuck to the sketch pretty closely, which is why he looks "tighter"; I was looser with the reporters, so they don't look as nice (to me). Again, I tried for a simple style, trying to keep lines to a minimum and just stick with flat blacks. I had a hard time, as you can see. While I kept George relatively simple, I did go back and add the black "background" and flooring.

Lettering I thought I could get by with freehanding the lettering, but should have stuck with the lettering guide. The text is too fat and choppy and as a result cuts into the image too much.

Ultimately This was intended as a quicky; and even though it looks messy to me--I wanted it crisper--it was pretty close to my original idea.