For the Man Who Has Everything (Happy Birthday, Mark!)

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Launch Date June 2001

Background This will probably only be funny to Mark (and maybe not even him), so I wasn't sure if I should even include it in the ArmzRace, but I wanted to make it look like I'm doing something productive with my free time...

Giving people drawings for their birthday is an inexpensive way to show that you care! I had been planning something along these lines for Mark since his last birthday, which just shows how lazy I am.

Original Sketch Here's the quicky sketch that I did awhile back...

and here's the actual drawing (before ink)

Inking Once again, I think some of the looseness was lost once the ink was laid down.

I also tried using a grey marker to create some intermediate contrast. Unfortunately, here it just looks like smudges.

What People are Saying About For the Man Who Has Everything

Metyko sez:

"for the man..." i don't really get the message... i had difficulty finding where to start, there's no focus-point (was that intentional?) still can't see an motion, but there's plenty of tension that you've created with all-eyes trained on the subject-- merlin's hand solidifies woe, the waiter's sinsiter expression, and the pack of vips.