Read My Lips

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Launch Date December 2000

Background This one had been kicking around in my head for awhile, and it was clear that I needed to get it on paper quickly since things seemed to be wrapping up in Florida.

Picture I knew that this one would be mostly text, so the challenge was to find something that would provide graphic balance. Obviously, it was a pretty simple call just to have Bush speaking, but the panel needed to be weighted evenly.

I hadn't meant for Bush to look like Superman, but he came off with a little more heft than he should have. In fact, I think he looks more like Jeb (you know, "the smart one" as George Bush Sr. calls him), but I wanted to put him in his standard campaign pose--sans jacket. He tends to hunch his shoulders more, but anyway...

I added the flags, since these guys don't go anywhere without them. I debated whether or not to have the black haze that I have in some of my panels, but the flags seemed to work better.

I had a hard time with the word balloons--trying to make them large enough, but still get in what I wanted.

Lettering It was hard to squeeze it all in and still be legible.

Obviously, I couldn't resist the title.