Debate 2000

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Launch Date October 2000

Background I found the debates to border on the insipid, and I wanted to get my cheap shot in. This is admittedly a one off, but since it's unlikely that I'll get around to doing a Shade page, I decided to slap this one together.

Debate 2000 basically started as a doodle I made while talking on the phone at work, and I liked it enough to bring it home. Charactures aren't easy to do: you have to get close enough to be recognizable, but not so close as to be a head shot (not that there's any fear of that for me). If the race were to be decided on whom I enjoy drawing more, I'd have to go with Gore. His big schnozz and beady eyes are just so much fun to draw. Bush is harder because he has more character in his face, but it's hard to get a dopey yet "adult" look.

Original Sketch  

Once again, I liked my original sketch better, but I changed the layout and positioning to try to a) make the joke read better, and b) give the picture a little more balance. I like the black at the top and bottom to give the picture a kind of frame, and at least a hint of depth. The top black originated as cross hatching but I eventually just blacked the whole thing in to keep the shapes simple. Of course, I still wasn't comfortable without lines, which is why the audience in the background and the candidates' pants are super line-y. Part of the goal with doing more cartoony stuff is to try to ween myself off of the need for so many lines. I'm getting better, but still...

Lettering I'm not real happy with the lettering. Partly because the ink kind of bleeds on the page. Gore's text isn't really meant to be readble (or more correctly, don't read it too closely!). In the original sketch, Bush is saying, "I don't know WHAT he just said, but...etc." Looking at it now, I wish I had made Bush say, "Heck, I just want...etc." Sure, it's a small thing, but I think it would read better.