Science Unbound #1: Speed

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Launch Date July 2000

Notes I needed a break form Existential Dick, so I thought I'd try my hand at some other areas that I wanted to explore.

I have wanted to try to put to paper some of the scientific ideas that I read about in the various physics books that I read, and this one seemed a good place to start. I've often thought that comics could be used to make certain scientific ideas simpler without actually losing too much information.

For this comic, I went back to smaller, thinner paper, which was kind of strange, because I forgot how poorly it holds the ink. It was also a trick to go back to making smaller pictures, but I especially chose a more "cartoony" style in order not to worry so much about the amount of information that needed to go into the panel.

I also used the opportunity to practice with a dip pen. I found that the special "cartooning nib" worked much better (smoother) than the typical flat headed pen, which I guess should be used primarily for writing.