Sewer Art: Fun with Propaganda


-------------------------------------------------------- FEEDBACK

Cej sez:

Dreaming of You 1) Again, it’s nice to know that not all of our comics are “one-offs,” and yes, I was happy to see T-Rex again, even if he should have stayed in the closet.

2) Your art continues to improve.  I think that it’s a combination of less hesitancy on your part and a bolder line in your line work.  This may be caused partly by doing the 1:1 ratio, I don’t know.  Is there any reason that you’re not doing them larger?  The art is simple and clean, which allows it to get to the point.  I think I tend to overthink my lights and darks and thus wind up doing a disservice to the art.  I’m not saying that your art looks rushed; I’m saying that it is looking stronger and more confident.  The minimalist approach is certainly valid and I personally have nothing against it.  It just isn’t my style.  As strange as it sounds, you might look at Little Lulu and Henry or any Harvey comics for inspiration and ideas.  I’ll see if I can send you some.

3) This was a pretty good joke, and I always like these kind of side-by-side comparisons that take advantage of the medium.  You make a simple statement through two pictures that would have taken a lot more effort and explaining in words.  I like how it gets right to the point but still gives you a lot of meat to chew on.  The art isn’t super detailed, but there are enough details to carry the message, like the program on the TV.

Wake Up, Sucka 1) Again, this was one of those jokes that could have been done “straight.”  That is, you could have made it about “real” monsters and their actual life, or about CIA badness and the reality.  This isn’t really a negative criticism; it’s just a comment that, although your jokes are based in a world that very few people know about, the actual structure of the joke is pretty accessible.  So it isn’t too far of a stretch to see that by making the Nosferatu world a little more “understandable” to the layman (without having it over obvious to the player), you’d get a good synthesis of players and non-players who can appreciate the joke.  Frankly, this one is pretty accessible already.

2) I can’t decide on the layout of the interior pictures.  I didn’t have a problem with the “nonrealistic” approach, because I think that you’re right that it is clear what is going on in the picture, and also who the people are and what they are doing.  Nevertheless, I think that more detail might have been nice such that the individual pictures weren’t floating so much.  What I mean is that it’s okay that the pictures “float” between one another, but a little more background to each one would have fleshed them out a little better: a road for T-Rex to walk on, a room for the TV watcher to sit in.  Or at least suggest these things.  I realize that this is picky; it’s basically the same note that I made last time about “placing” the characters.

I thought that there could have been even more contrast between the two pictures.  The images are certainly contrasting in terms of what each monster is doing, but you might consider how differences in the art could add to the effect.  I know that you’re going for a Minimalist approach, but keep in mind that it may not always be the best.  If panel one were dark and dense it would contrast that much more with panel two if it were open, light and airy.  I’m not saying that this would necessarily have been better, but I think that it is worth considering given that the joke is largely about contrast.