My Life with Ivan Brunetti (p. 2)



Cej sez:

Kill Whitey Think God I finally got this one.  I was afraid that I’d never receive it.  I felt like the Mark character waiting for Schizo #3.  Maybe I should make a comic about it.

Stab Stab Stab 1) It was great finally to see your interpretation of Brunetti himself, and I think that you did a pretty good job of capturing his “look” (although he may be a little too large and too happy).

2) The Mark faces continue to be great, but I maintain my conviction that he needs some fat.  The phone conversation is great, and I really like the dialogue.  You kept it humorous, yet were still able to show that it was awkward.

3) Brunetti’s home(?) is great and I really loved your slave and your sheep.  These are the details that really make the comic.

Bend Over and Take It 1) I have mixed feelings about the punch line effect of the comic.  While it’s nice to have the build up of “Oh, Ivan is really a nice guy, nice guy, nice guy, oh wait—he really is a freak.”  I think that you’ve already convinced us that he’s a freak (in part one).  So I feel like you missed a grand opportunity to do one of your ironic gags by having Mark on one end thinking Brunetti is a nice guy, while having Brunetti on the other end killing people (in several panels).  I realize that it’s “basically the same gag” either way, but by having several split panels instead of just the punch line panel, I think you’d get a lot more mileage out of it.  Of course, I could be wrong—maybe I was just hoping for more gore.

2) While there’s nothing wrong with the “Mark on the phone” panels, and I can tell that you tried hard to make each one unique, I also felt that maybe you were rushed in trying to get both pages out on time, so you put less meat in part 2.  Again, maybe there was so much in part one that it made part 2 seem somehow less of a punch.

Make it Stop Overall, I thought that the first half was stronger, but that doesn’t mean that the 2nd half was bad—I just think that it slowed down a lot.  In any case, it did have a different “feel” from the first half, and so I really felt like it was a two-parter rather than a seamless 2 pager.  I do think that it would be an interesting to explore further the theme of disgust and delight (or: why are we sometimes turned on by things that are considered disgusting?  What is it about taboos that are so compelling?)  Once you do that, you can resolve the contradictions of relativity and quantum mechanics.