Visions of the Future

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Launch Date Launch #5a: May 1999

Concept This one has been sitting around for about 9 months.  It was all laid out, but I had only inked the first 2 panels (sorta).  I think I set it aside because I was never happy with the artwork on it.  I cleaned it up a little with this re-look at it, but it’s still less than satisfying.

Obviously, this is my take on how government policy is dictated by big business (are we seeing a theme in Cej’s stuff yet?), and how everyday people are duped into thinking that cutting their own throat is really in their best interest.  I’m not claiming that government always comes out with sound policies that then get railroaded.  What I am saying is that there is this climate of “Opposing Big Government” when I think the real enemy is Big Business.

Also, this is clearly one of my pun-ches.  I probably came up with about twice as many eye-puns that I left out for fear that I was already overwhelming the reader.  I did consider calling this piece “Sight Gag” because that has several meanings: people’s sight is being “gagged” by Big Business; the reader will probably gag on all the puns; it’s called sight gag, but all the jokes are verbal, etc….

Layout This is your basic layout which I’ve explained before.  I’d probably do this a little differently now, by changing the size of some of the panels.  There are a lot of inconsistencies in the lettering (typos!) and some of the art because it was done at different times and with different goals.  Well, this one was a bitch (see the layout section for more detail). 

I’d definitely make the title bigger, and I’d try to make the artwork a little more consistent if I were to re-do this one. 

Lettering Sucks.  It’s all different sizes and there are typos.  I tried to work the word bubbles so that they world almost look like they were really floating there in the air.  That probably wasn’t a good idea.

Inking This one’s a mix.  The earlier panels are probably done largely with pens, while the later ones have more brush work.

Reproduction Nothing special, although I must say again that not all copiers are equal. One printed this with grey splotches while another made the black-white contrast much clearer.


  • Brushes: same as before
  • Pens: Rapidograph, black marker
  • Eraser: same as before
  • Paper: 11 x 14 Bristol
  • 30-60-90 triangle: (make sure you get a big one) these are great for vertical lines when used in conjunction with a T-square
  • Ridgeways Horse Hair Brush    

What People are Saying About Visions of the Future  

Mark Sez:

Very glad to see that you’re working on things that you needed to finish. If AR does anything it should be doing this. I am surprised that you didn’t finish these up when I suggested that we do things we have talked about. But either way.

I can see clearly now…:

1. Liked the facial expressions of the Pres.

2 . So many puns and visual jokes I just CAN’T STAND IT! Normally I would talk about the ones that worked more than others but there are a lot and I think they all came off very well. Yes, many make you cry but that’s part of the point. I think the best one was the end with people not being able to see the forest or the trees.

3. Panel 5 is a great group of characters. I think you should put people you know in those group shots.

4. I like the overall concept as well, I think one of the joys of comics is that it is a forum for expression and why should just newspapers carry political messages? With the state of the US, this one won’t be out of date anytime soon.

5. I’m not sure I see why you were so upset about the art here. Except for where I mention I thought it was good with nice background/shading touches that showed care.

6. I thought it was a well rounded piece.

The world is getting dark:

1. Panel 2 senator seems a bit out of proportion.

2. Blind mans cane is too big in last panel and the art is weakest here, but you can tell I’m nit picking.

3. The only problem I had with the lettering was the type-os