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Mark sez: On my present, the only thoughts I can really add is that I wasn’t sure who the Merman god was (but that might be the point) and thought that it could be expanded by some book-ending opening and closing comments on the subject by an outside. But the problem with that is that it might only make the resulting comic different and not better. The key is to realize the distinction in critiquing between making things different and making what is there better, so I hesitate on suggestions. Another point that this raises is how valuable this process of commenting is and I do think it is valuable. It is like saying that I want to be a writer but don’t want to read, after all, reading is very different. The truth is that learning and having things in mind for future projects is very important. What I say hear is not to suggest rewrites, but to, perhaps, give insight to a concept that might have been overlooked, ignored, or discarded because it wasn’t right for the project (all is possible).