The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to produce comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing it.

Comics are fun to make, but sometimes making comics can be a daunting and lonely hobby. The ArmzRace community provides a group of like-minded people who are interested in creating comics and helping others to create comics. We’re all amateurs, but we’re working to produce the best comics we can.

ArmzRace members have a goal of producing “something” each month, typically a minimum of a one-page comic.

Members post their comics and in-progress work to the ArmzRace blog . The other members provide feedback, commentary, and critiques. Members also share tips and suggestions in the creative process. And we all help one another to produce cool comics.

We’re always looking for people who’d like to join. Contact us if you are interested. Even if you just like to enjoy comics, but aren’t really looking to produce any yourself, we’d love to have your input.